New Homes colorado springs
New Homes colorado springs

New Homes colorado springs

I’m Bruce Routman, a top-producing Realtor® in Colorado Springs.  I’ve specialized as a buyer’s agent for 14 years and have personally handled more than 500 home purchases for my clients.  I’ve always offered home buyer rebates to my clients and have returned nearly $2 million in rebates since 2004.  If you’re considering buying a new home at Flying Horse, my home buyer rebate to you will be 35% of the co-op commission I receive from the builder, with a $5,000 minimum regardless of new home purchase price!

For example, for a $750k home with a typical 4% co-op commission paid on total price, my home buyer rebate to you will be $10,500.

Since the co-op commission paid by the builder is detailed in the purchase contract, you will always know the amount of your home buyer rebate in advance.  You may choose to receive this rebate in cash at closing, or have it applied as a credit towards your purchase price at closing.  The home buyer rebate is not taxable income; it is a reduction in your taxable basis.

Will the builder offer you a better deal if you don’t have a Realtor®?

Just ask the builder!  Most builders in Colorado Springs rely on real estate agents for 75% of their sales, so they will not work around agents.  But rather than take anyone’s word for this, just ask!  If the builder offers you a large discount to buy without an agent, then go with it!  You’ll never know unless you ask.

You must inform your builder that you have a Realtor® early in the process.
Before a builder starts on a contract draft, and preferably at the time you sit down to price out the house, let me know so I can accompany you to this meeting and sign on as your buyer’s agent.  It’s too late to bring in any Realtor® after you’ve signed the contract.  I’m usually available on short notice as weather permitting, I’m out on the Flying Horse golf course every day.

About Bruce Routman
Bruce Routman is a graduate of Dartmouth College.  Prior to his career as a home builder and Realtor®, Bruce worked for US multinational companies in Asia.  Bruce is an avid golfer and member of The Club at Flying Horse, and resides a few miles east of Flying Horse in the Black Forest.

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    New Homes colorado springs

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